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Sweet Comfort – #NatCroMo

This has been a very happy and productive week. The last time I posted, I was working on a baby blanket for a family friend, and I finally finished it. I also wrapped up a project I’ve been working on for a long time. And I’ve been finding bits of inspiration here and there to fuel me for the rest of National Crochet Month.

So here’s the rundown!

Baby Blanket

baby blanket

This was quite the interesting (but fun!) project. When I left you all last, I was finishing up with the squares. I was most nervous about stitching all of the squares together, something I’m not quite great at doing as I tend to miss stitches and create awkward gaps. This was even more challenging because I needed to line the rows up just right or else it would look a bit wonky. I surprised myself…all of the rows lined up just right and it turned out looking wonderful!

I also left you all with a question about how to go about blocking the blanket. I was unsure whether to block the whole thing or just do the individual squares. I ended up hand washing the finished blanket with baby detergent and laying it out on a flat surface to dry. It ended up looking really nice and smelling so sweet.

It was a really easy pattern, and I’ll definitely be making a couple more (I have a few pregnant family members this year). As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a free pattern from Lion Brand called the New Generation Afghan.

Fig Afghan

fig afghan

This is probably my most proud accomplishment so far as a crocheter. I finally finished my first, real afghan…it only took me five months. To be honest, it should’ve been finished a long time ago, but factors such as not being able to buy all of my skeins at the same time and Christmas gift-making time kind of hindered the process. But it’s finished and it’s super cozy and I love it (and so does my mom, for whom I made it).

The pattern is called Be My Honey, and I found it in the book 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws. (I don’t quite know why the price is so high now…I purchased my copy several years ago and the price was less than $20. I guess it may be out of print?) It calls for Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn, which I used in Fig. The afghan is made up of v-stitches and basic single knot fringe (which was unexpectedly a laborious process).

I had an interesting thing occur when I was about halfway through making it — I realized I was crocheting wrong. And by that, I mean I had been crocheting wrong ever since I picked the craft up years ago. Apparently I wasn’t yarning over the proper way. As I’ve mentioned before, I am completely self-taught, so I suppose it is fairly easy to mess something up in the learning process without realizing it. At that point I couldn’t undo the whole thing because that would mean undoing a couple months of work and I was just not up to starting over. So I ended up crocheting the entire afghan the wrong way while trying to reteach myself how to crochet the correct way by working on other projects.

Fortunately, it turned out looking quite beautiful and I’m still very proud of myself. I think Grandma Nina would be proud, too.

NatCroMo Inspiration

I feel like I talk about Lion Brand a lot on this blog, but I just really like their yarn and free patterns. I follow them on Instagram, and for National Crochet Month they’ve been posting different stitches about every day. You can find them on their StitchFinder.

A few of my favorites (so far) that I plan on trying: Fanfare, Rainbow Chevron, Diagonal Stripes, Solid Scallop and Lacy Stripes

I’d like to incorporate a few of them into some baby items for some of my family members, or maybe a few washcloths (I have some new cotton yarn lying around).

Got any fun projects in the works this month? Leave me a comment and tell me all about them!


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