crochet dishcloths

A spectrum of dishcloths

Two or three Christmases ago, I decided to make my mom a few dishcloths as small gifts. I had never made dishcloths before, so I thought that might make them extra special…and she absolutely loved them. Since then, she constantly asks me to make her more.

Last weekend we hit up Michaels’ — where they were having a fairly decent yarn sale — and bought a few balls of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream ($1.25 each!!!). So I spent this week whipping up a bunch of different dishcloths and a few other little kitchen things.

Here’s what I made.


purple dishcloths

These were probably the easiest cloths I made this week. After searching through Pinterest, I found this pattern on Life After Laundry (the cloth on the left in my photo). It was super quick to whip up and I really love the almost-shell look of it (and don’t worry about that bump in the middle of the cloth in the photo…it was folded up for a bit before I took a picture).
A little while back, I found a group of different patterns from Petals to Picots and tried their Textured Dishcloth. This time I thought it would be fun to try the Crunchy Stitch Dishcloth (the cloth on the right in my photo). It didn’t come out exactly the same as the photo in the pattern, but I still like the look of it, and it will be a really nice scrubby cloth.


starburst dishcloths

So these were actually made using Sugar ‘n Cream in Playtime Ombre, but the colors just really remind me of Starburst candy. The cloth on the left is the Nubby Dishcloth from Oombawka Design. I didn’t make mine as big as the pattern size because we prefer smaller scrubbing cloths. It was pretty simple to make, but it was a bit tough to work the main stitch with the cotton yarn I used (the pattern calls for Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, and I haven’t worked with that before, but it may be a little easier to use).
The cloth on the right is the Textured Stripes Dishcloth, which I found on Ravelry. I really loved the look of the pattern and thought it would be fun to try something with alternating, different textures. The pattern probably shows up best using a solid as opposed to a variegated yarn, but I was still pleased with how it turned out.

Changing It Up

green and vintage dishcloths

Okay, so I may have lied before. This green cloth was, hands down, the easiest one I made this week. Also from the Petals to Picots group of patterns, this cloth is the Three Color Simple Stitch Dishcloth, except I didn’t use three colors. I guess if I had really thought it through ahead of time I could’ve used three colors, but I think it still looks really nice with one. It reminds me of a pot holder my great-grandma would’ve made, so it feels sort of vintage to me.
The cloth on the right is the Sloped Lines Dishcloth from Knit Picks. This pattern was a bit tricky to figure out…I restarted it about seven or eight times and I’m still not completely sure I got it right. What I did really like was the yarn color I used…Sugar ‘n Cream in Batik Ombre.

A Little Bit of Fun

flower cloth and scrubby

After a bunch of square cloths, I decided that I wanted to change it up at the end and try some fun patterns. I made this Flower Dishcloth, but with a few changes. First off, I kept the same color throughout the pattern, mainly because I wanted to make some other things with the other bits of colors I had left. Second, I didn’t follow the pattern for the 9th row…instead I just put a single crochet in each stitch around. Of course that makes the cloth look very different from the pattern, but I like that it can also be used as a pot holder now that it’s more flat.
Finally, I decided to make my first pot scrubby with this Scrubbie/Scrunchie Pattern. I didn’t find it as difficult as the pattern says it can be, but it has the potential to be a bit of a pain if you’re not paying attention to the stitches. I also used a J/10 hook instead of an I/9 because I felt it was turning out a bit too small.

I hope  you try some of these patterns out! I also pinned a few more patterns I considered trying (and might try in the future) to my Pinterest, so feel free to take a look and follow!



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